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Western Side of Nepal

Western Himalayas of Nepal is a treasure trove. It extends from Upper Dolpa in east to Byas Himal in the west. The area is rich in natural attractions like tens of unclimbed peaks, hundreds of uncharted trails, pristine lakes, murmuring brooks, fast flowing rivers, which offers plethora of adventure options for visitors. The area is geographically diverse. It is home to numerous high passes, alpine grasslands, rocky terrains, terraced fields and sparsely-populated villages.
The area is home to mountain peaks like Api, Nampa, Saipal, Kanjirowa, Jethi Bahurani, Putha Himal. Most of them are unclimbed. Api, standing 7,132 meters tall, is the tallest mountain in the area. Many people do not have much information about these peaks as only a handful of foreigners go to these places due to lack of infrastructure and promotion. It is because of this fact that most of these beautiful mountains remain unclimbed even today.

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West Himalaya Trek & Expeditions

Mr Karki was born and brought up in Mugu district, home to the majestic Rara – the largest lake of Nepal. He has traveled length and breadth of the West Himalaya during his professional career and knows the area like the palm of his hand.
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Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek

Western Himalaya Treks & Expeditions have designed some of the best trekking programs in Nepal. Mountains have been the major essence of trekking in Nepal. But in Western Himalaya, you not only get to see the mountains – that too unclimbed and unexplored, you get to experience the west himalayan culture.

Filming in Nepal

Many describe Nepal as a natural studio for filming. Home to some of the tallest peaks on earth, including the majestic Mount Everest which is the highest peak in the world, Nepal is a perfect location for filming. Nepal’s natural beauty, rich history, timeless culture and traditions, diverse flora and fauna, colorful festivals and jatras, and topographical variations – from 60 meters above sea level to the top of the world in less than 300 kilometers – offers many untold stories to filmmakers from all over the world.
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